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Hi, there! My name is Janet. Flossie’s Grand is the moniker under which I produce surface designs and illustrations. I’m a married, working mother who enjoys designing things, both professionally and at home. 

Early mornings before everyone gets up, I’m sketching or working designs on my laptop because I enjoy the creative outlet. My house is often messy because instead of tidying or cleaning, I’m creating something like this “About” page when I should be doing dishes or putting away laundry. It’ll get done … eventually. 

Thank you so much for visiting Flossie’s Grand! I’d love to work with you through licensing any of my designs or a custom collaboration.

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In memory of her

The Original Flossie

About the Name

Flossie’s Grand came about as I was trying to dream up a fun but elegant name for this site.  My grandmother’s name was not actually Flossie but occasionally when she was getting a bit testy our family used this nickname.  I got the impression she didn’t particularly love this moniker but it was a loving way for the family to let her know she was being a bit difficult or overreacting.  (Which as any woman knows, we love to hear.)

As her granddaughter, I wanted to name this blog “Flossie’s Grand” in remembrance of her.

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