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Designer of Things

A creative endeavor

You know that feeling where you are sitting on the couch, surfing your phone and feeling restless and unfulfilled?  I realized recently that instead of doing that to “relax” I could be doing something that actually gives me joy.  And that thing is designing stuff – home decor, web sites, etc.

I’m a married, working mother who enjoys designing things, both professionally and at home.  My house is often messy because instead of tidying, I’m creating something.  Like this “About” page when I should be doing dishes or putting away laundry.  It’ll get done … eventually.  Like later tonight.

This blog is a creative harbor for the things brewing in my mind and would love to see what you’ve been creatively brewing at home or how you’ve implemented some of the DIY posts here.  Show your stuff!



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favorite posts

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I believe you can keep a fabulously decorated house using common things that can be reused and repurposed. By doing this, you’ll save on money and storage, plus help our environment to boot!

It all started with the idea of a reusable vase decoration whose contents could be swapped out to create a fresh, seasonal look but using contents that were either reusable, compostable or bio-degradable. Below are the links to my favorite posts, including starting out with our “reduce and reuse vase base”, otherwise known as “the base”.

Disclaimer: To be completely transparent, please be aware that this blog contains affiliate links. Purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost to you).

Reduce and reuse vase base
Smell the coffee vase
'Tis the season vase

Distinctive, Flossie's Grand Shops

Make it unique, make it fun

All designs here are derived from photos I’ve taken, drawings I’ve done or just patterns I’ve come up with while trying to fall asleep (might explain why I’m so tired all the dang time).  These items are available for purchase at the Roostery.com.

flower mandala - charcoal purple

Fabric by the Yard


Love to sew? Looking for distinctive, one of a kind fabric patterns for your next sewing project? Or perhaps some unique wallpaper for your next home decorating project?

Duvet in Pink Peony Dream

Home Decor


Are you bored with the curtains, tablecloths and other decor options you find at the usual “box” home decor stores?  Discover unique, one of a kind options to decorate your home!

In memory of Her

About the Name

Flossie’s Grand came about as I was trying to dream up a fun but elegant name for this blog.  My grandmother’s name was not actually Flossie but occasionally when she was getting a bit testy our family used this nickname.  I got the impression she didn’t particularly love this moniker but it was a loving way for the family to let her know she was being a bit difficult or overreacting.  (Which as any woman knows, we love to hear.)

As her granddaughter, I wanted to name this blog “Flossie’s Grand” in remembrance of her.

Grandmom Florence