4 reasons ordering from Spoonflower is worth it

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If you are a quilter, crafter, create your own clothes or just someone who likes to sew, period, I highly recommend checking out Spoonflower’s selection of fabrics. I’m not just saying that because I sell my designs there. (Although if you do buy fabric in one of our designs, please send us a pic of your creation and we’ll feature it here and on Insta/FB!) I choose to sell on Spoonflower because of these 4 reasons.

1. Ingredients you can feel good about

Spoonflower avoids using fabrics and dyes containing flame retardants, formaldehyde or lead. Many of the fabrics are organic or earth-friendly.

2. Water consumption is less

Did you know that textile manufacturing uses a LOT of water? Because Spoonflower uses dyes that meet the OEKO-TEK standards, the water used to produce the fabric does not contain chemicals which are of course, not great for us or our environment. They also use “less than a thimble” to produce 5 yards of fabric. Typical fabric production uses 100 2-liter bottles of water!

3. Less waste

Because Spoonflower is a “print on demand” shop, there is less waste and reduces what ends up in our landfills.

4. They recycle returned fabric and scraps

If a customer returns the fabric they’ve purchased, Spoonflower donates the fabric to local artists and crafters. They also use leftover or returned fabric to create teddy bears used for donations to children with rare diseases.

You can read more about their commitment to sustainability on their site. In addition to their fabric, they sell wallpaper using water-based latex inks that are GREENGUARD gold certified.

My current favorite – the Flower Snowflake

Okay, now it’s time for my shameless plug – please check out our custom patterns including our newest pattern, the Flower Snowflake! And if you don’t sew, you can buy pre-made home decor and goods at the Roostery. Again, if you do purchase any fabric or home goods using Flossie’s Grand patterns, we’d love to see pics!

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