Why I drink more water

drink more water

Even though I’ve tried to be healthy over the years, I never really followed the “8 glasses of water a day” rule. But on October 1st, I started the Last 90 Days Challenge which is why I began to drink more water. Like a LOT more water. And I’ve noticed some very positive changes.

Just how much water?

The Last 90 Days Challenge recommends drinking half your body weight in water in ounces. That means you take the number that is your weight and divide it in half. Mine is 84 ounces (there, now you know my weight if you do the math!) Recently, I told someone about this and she thought I was drinking 84 pounds of water! No, no, no! My word – that might actually be dangerous.

weight divided by two equals number of ounces. example 168 pounds divided by two equals eighty-four ounces.

This is a LOT of water. And probably 3 times the amount I was drinking prior to the challenge. But this new water drinking quest was something I was determined to make happen.

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Remembering to drink

When I first started the challenge, I calculated how many times I needed to drink my water bottle of 16 ounces. 84÷16=5.25 Again with the math! Geez!

It was hard to remember to drink that many times and fit it in. Plus, you’ll want to do all this water drinking earlier in the day (lest you be peeing multiple times in the middle of the night).

Schedule it, gamify it

But thanks to a schedule and a cute, fun app my neighbor introduced me to, I’m able to get most of my water drinking done before 6PM. What app you say? Plant Nanny.

Plant Nanny app helps you gamify your water intake

This app has seriously helped me keep track of my water intake in a way that other food/water intake apps have not. It’s just so cute!

Plant Nanny will remind you through notifications on your phone when to drink water and if you have a smartwatch as well, it will pop up there, too (if your settings are correct on both devices).

[su_note note_color=”#fbf1ef”]NOTE: the calculation for water on this app will not be half your body weight if you set your exercise goals to anything more than lowest value. This article explains why.[/su_note]

There are options to set your default drinking glass size. I have mine set to 16 ounces per day. Which means I’m drinking 6 rounds of water per day. (If you are still doing the math, that comes out to 96 ounces, not the 84 I mentioned earlier. That’s because I’ve got my exercise goals set to 2-5 hours per week.)

Pee like it’s a job

Yes, that’s pretty obvious, right? More in, more out. I know it’s gross and TMI but my urine is now pretty light and doesn’t smell at all. However, it has been hard at work making time to “go”. I’m in back to back meetings some days and I just have to say, “I’ll be right back” after dropping my laptop and notebook off in the conference room and SPRINTING for the bathroom. Know your boundaries, people – say it with me, “I will NOT sit through a meeting whilst only thinking about how bad I need to pee.” 🙂

Less snacking

Because I’m filling my belly with water, I’ve been less hungry and less prone to mid-morning, mid-afternoon and nighttime snacking. This means less sugar intake. My craving for something sweet between 1 – 3 o’clock everyday was compulsory and brutal. I. COULD. NOT. IGNORE. IT.

But now, with this new water drinking quest, it’s been easier to forego the afternoon sweet attack. Not promising you won’t still have those moments, but I’ve found them not to be as strong.

Concentrate more

I’m able to concentrate better during the day. There are still times I’m distracted, however, my brain doesn’t seem to be buzzing with all the to-dos and replaying moments. Again, maybe this actually a side effect of the less sugar intake but I believe the water drinking quest was the catalyst for this change.

Better sleep

Going to bed at a reasonable hour doesn’t seem as hard anymore and I’m having less trouble actually going to sleep. I’ve always had issues with sleep in the past. Trouble going to sleep. Trouble staying asleep and going back to sleep once awake. You get the picture.

But since starting this water drinking quest, I’ve noticed that going to sleep hasn’t been that hard. I still get up at least once to pee (especially if I don’t get most of the water in by 6PM) but falling back to sleep after hasn’t been an issue like in the past.

Maybe it’s the less snacking that contributes to this effect since my sugar intake has dropped as well? Not sure.

My experience may not be yours

I know. I know. What I’ve written here has been said a million times before and probably in much more elegant ways. Plus, my experience and why I drink more water might not be the same as yours. Hoping if you read this from someone who isn’t a fitness guru, that it will resonate and inspire you.

If you are on your own water drinking quest, have some helpful water tracking tips or have seen the same or additional results, please feel free to share!

P.S. I highly recommend the Last 90 Days Challenge from The Hollis Co. In addition to the water intake, some of the other requirements have helped me make a lifestyle change, not just a temporary diet/fitness change.


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