Well, Happy Birthday to me!

Not actually me. This comes from a favorite family story about my grandmother. Today is my grandmom’s birthday. She would have been 97 today.

As noted on the About page, my grandmother’s name was not actually Flossie, but occasionally when she was getting a bit testy our family used this nickname.  I got the impression she didn’t particularly love this moniker but it was a loving way for the family to let her know she was being a bit difficult or overreacting. 

A few years back my mom and my uncle took my grandmother to a restaurant for her birthday. They were both chatting furiously about different things and didn’t realize that Grandmom wasn’t really joining in the conversation. Suddenly, she stood up and announced, “Well, Happy Birthday to me!” Then huffed off.

When pressing to find out what was wrong, she explained she felt left out because they were talking about things and not including her. Looking back this was the beginning of her hearing loss and it was perhaps difficult to keep up. Something for us all to consider as our parents age and one day we do, too. (Air Pods are hip now – yes I said hip – so maybe they should make hearing aids that look like that!) Back to the story …

“Well, Happy Birthday to me!” is now that’s a favorite saying of our family when we feel something has gone not quite how we expected or sometimes when it has.

For someone who was all of 4’11”, she was quite the “spitfire” as my mom would say. This is just one instance when her moniker, Flossie, was appropriate. Somedays I can be a Flossie, too! 🙂

I miss you, Flossie. Happy birthday to you!


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