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campfire vase decoration

Our leaves are still green. Some turning brown or perhaps mustardy colored. Not the picturesque Norman Rockwell depiction of Autumn by any means.

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We live in the Mid-Atlantic, you see. Therefore, we don’t really have dramatic seasons. We have them mind you (unlike Florida for example) but they just aren’t as colorful as one might experience in New England. In fact, I’ve seen recent posts about the 9-10 “seasons” we do experience here, including “false spring”, “week of fall”, “the rainy season” and so on.

If we lived in Maine, you bet your arse this post would include beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves from the outdoors. But alas, we do not. So I’m settling for sticks. Yes, sticks.

[su_note note_color=”#fbf1ef”]To learn more about the Reduce and Reuse Vase concept, read this post Reduce and Reuse Vase Decor.[/su_note]

For this month’s Reduce and Reuse Vase decoration, we will be using the “base” and these items:

  • Birch tea light candle holder – Etsy, shop is now closed but if you search there are plenty of other shops that sell them
  • Sticks (no need to damage the trees! just use the ones on the ground!)
  • Marshmallows (Wegman’s, $0.99)

Fun, cheap and environmentally friendly option for a Fall decoration! Just have to watch the kids to make sure they don’t eat it!

If you have an environmentally friendly vase filler you love for the Fall, we’d love to see it!

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