Subtle Wave Collection

Just in time for summer, a new collection of wave patterns are available from Flossie’s Grand on Spoonflower and the Roostery!

These delicate but yet modern patterns are crisp and fun with subtle striations cutting through the waves to make them feel more organic and earthy.

Behind the design

During the winter, I longed for the beach and was imagining myself at a beach house with the wind blowing through the french doors. In that vision, the pattern of the gauze-like curtain was similar to this one. Now that it is summer and I am indeed sitting in a beach house while writing this, I thought now would be the perfect time to launch this pattern.

[su_box title=”We’d love to see!” box_color=”#4e2c3d”]Hope you find inspiration in this pattern this summer and if you whip up something using the fabric from Spoonflower or decorate your home with any of the products from Roostery, please send us some pictures and we will feature them here![/su_box]

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