Somebunny’s been busy

April Reduce and Reuse vase

I had something planned for March. Really I did. But time got away from me and so … now for April.

So I bet you’re thinking “she’s gonna use jelly beans”. It’s the logical choice for an Easter vase. I DID entertain that idea but I really wanted to use these bunnies I got from the Old Lucketts Store. And I was worried they wouldn’t be as noticeable with a multitude of brightly colored jelly beans. And I wanted them to be sitting on “grass” but since the green grassy stuff dried up quickly, I needed another idea. Something still biodegradable …

  • Green paper Easter grass – not the plastic kind! (Wegman’s – don’t remember the price, sorry!)
  • White bunnies (The Old Luckett’s Store, but you can also buy similar ones here)

Here’s the ingredients for this month’s Reduce and Reuse Vase decoration, we will be using the “base” and these items:

So cute! Not what I had originally envisioned but works nonetheless. And it looks great with my favorite succulent planter (a gift from my hubby for my birthday last year)!

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