Smell the coffee vase

Coffee as vase filler

My word, I hate winter. I used to be able to deal with the cold better but in my later years, I’ve learned that “chilled to the bone” is an actual thing and I cannot stand it. I also hate the shorten hours of daylight. Getting up in the morning is so very hard when the covers are warm and it’s still dark outside.

So when I was searching our house for what I could use for this month’s Reduce and Reuse Vase, I stumbled upon a bag of Eight O’Clock Whole Bean coffee (I accidentally bought it; we don’t have a grinder). I thought, “This is perfect!”

[su_note note_color=”#fbf1ef”]To learn more about the Reduce and Reuse Vase concept, read this post Reduce and Reuse Vase Decor.[/su_note]

For this month’s Reduce and Reuse Vase decoration, we will be using the “base” and these items:

  • Coffee beans (I used Eight O’Clock’s Hazelnut, 11 oz. bag, $6.99)
  • Tea light – Target, box of 100 unscented, $6.29
  • Birch tea light candle holder Etsy, shop is now closed but if you search there are plenty of other shops that sell them

And that’s it! Easy peasy this month. And to boot, it makes my dining room smell delicious! I have a feeling I’ll be reusing this one quite a bit.

SIDE NOTE ABOUT THE FEATURE IMAGE – I’m still in love with the magnolia wreath I got from the Design House at the Old Lucketts Store before Christmas, so I decided to put this month’s vase in the center of it on our dining room table with a bamboo placemat underneath. I like it for now … might need to tweak and incorporate this option more in the future!

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