‘Tis the season vase

Christmas Reduce and Reuse Vase 2018

The “base”

The Reduce and Reuse Vase concept is one I came up with around Thanksgiving.  To learn more about this concept, read my post Reduce and Reuse Vase Decor.

Adding in the holiday bling

Now to make this more festive.  What to add?  What to add?  It had to be something either reusable or something that I would not feel bad about throwing in the trash (or to the deer/birds/animals in the woods behind our house).

As I was doing the grocery shopping that weekend, I found the bling I would use.  Some Ruscus stems from the floral department and some cranberries (they last longer than you’d think!).  

For this holiday Reduce and Reuse Vase decoration, we will be using the “base” and these items:

  • Bag of Cranberries – Wegmans, one bag, $3.99
  • Ruscus Stems – Wegmans, ? (I don’t remember, unfortunately)
  • Tea light – Target, box of 100 unscented, $6.29
  • Birch tea light candle holder – Etsy, shop is now closed but if you search there are plenty of other shops that sell them

Putting it together

Pouring in the cranberries first – they covered the base of the ice cream dish I had placed inside the clear vase.  Then I trimmed and pushed in the Ruscus stems on top of the cranberries and covered the rest of the ice cream dish. 

I remembered that among our (massive amount) of Christmas decorations, I had some birch tea light candle holders from Etsy and decided to use them instead of a plain pillar candle but a pillar candle from the dollar store or Target would work just as well.

Christmas Reduce and Reuse Vase Creation
All together

I was quite happy with the end result.  What Xmas decor would you add to your Reduce and Reuse Vase Decoration?

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