Reduce and Reuse Vase – the “base”

Reduce and Reuse base

In an effort to purge and reduce the amount of crap we own, I thought of a way to refresh our decor without the purchase and storage of a multitude of items. Introducing the Reduce and Reuse Vase – the “base”.

Some basic ingredients

In this case, “basic” is a good thing. Trust me. This base needed to be easy to create, store and reuse often without much thought or fuss. I was thinking each vase creation should meet two requirements:

  1. Some plain, commonly found objects to use as a “base”
  2. Use items that could be
    • Bio-degradable, or
    • Composted, or
    • Recycled
    • Reused without requiring a large amount of storage

So I rummaged through the house and found this vase I saved from flowers hubby gave me one year. And I wanted to put a candle in the middle. Was inspired by pictures for this Pottery Barn rock filler. I wanted fillers for every holiday and a center item that would elevate the candle to a height above whatever I put in there. (AND I didn’t want to pay a lot for any of them since I was planning on switching out seasonally or each holiday!)

Suggestions – base main compartment:

  • whatever vase was used last for flower delivery (as long as it’s large enough)
  • this hurricane vase (Target, $2.99)
  • this wide cylinder vase (looks exactly like mine, Target, $4.99)
  • these large vases (Pottery Barn, starting at $39)

Still needed something for the middle that would elevate a candle or whatever went in the middle. Then while roaming around a favorite local antique shop, I happened upon the ice cream dishes (at least that’s what they were advertised as. My neighbor thinks they should have labeled as champagne glasses – anyone else want to weigh in?) Whatever they were, they were perfect for this idea and only $20 for 4!

Now if you can’t find an ice cream dish/old fashioned champagne glass from your local antique store, there are plenty of other things you could use.

Suggestions – inside of the base:

Then you put the items together like this – using some painter’s tape on the bottom will help keep the inside part of the base in place while you are putting the fillers around it.

Centering the ice cream dish can be very tricky! In fact, looking at this picture right now, it still looks a little off. I think this is due to the fact the glass bottom is a little thicker on one side of the vase vs. the other side. It was a free vase with a flower delivery, so whatever! 🙂

And there you have it. I give you the “base” – the core of many Reduce and Reuse Vase Decoration projects to come.

This base could be reused in a multitude of ways and I plan on posting each holiday/season a way to do just that! For my first ever, Reduce and Reuse Vase Decoration, go here.

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